Create Masterclass [Full Package]

A 4-week self paced course that will transform you into a content creator that people can't wait to follow.

A content creation course that teaches you how to conquer your content creation fears (limiting beliefs), create effective content, and attract a dedicated audience.

  • Module 1: Addressing Your Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Content Creation. Belief will cause action or inaction and believe it or not, it’s your thinking that drives your actions and it’s your actions that drives your results. You'll learn how to do a deep dive into your limiting beliefs and address them head on.

  • Module 2: How to Create Content that Aligns with You. Great content flows from creating in alignment with who you are. In this module you will discover how to tap into your content creating genius.

  • Module 3: The Strategy Behind Creating Content that Attracts A Dedicated Audience. In this module you will be given practical tips and content prompts that will help you to create the best content!

  • Module 4: Action Supersedes Everything. Most people have the capacity to grow on social media just by executing and applying what they already know. You'll learn the importance of action in this module and a surprise guest will weigh in on how they were able to grow a large YouTube audience in a short period of time using massive action.

  • BONUS— Module 5: Effective Brand Strategy. When creating content, you are building a personal brand that essentially tells your audience what you stand for. You'll learn in this module the importance of creating a strong personal brand that ATTRACTS a dedicated audience that is sold out for you!

  • BONUS— Module 6: YouTube, Instagram & Tik Tok— The 3 main social media platforms that have taken the world by storm. In this module, you will learn the ins and outs of each platform and the best ways you can show up on them to maximize your results.

  • My content prompt exercise that you will be able to use time and time again to brainstorm good content ideas.

  • A 1-on-1 call with me where I will be addressing your specific limiting beliefs, conducting an audit of your content, and giving you next steps!

  • Amanda Pittman’s ‘Reels Masterclass’— A 2 hour in-depth class giving you specific strategy for creating magnetizing reels.

  • A 30-day content calendar that will take the stress and the overthinking out of what content to create.

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Course Instructor

Avrielle Muse


  • How do I know if Create Masterclass is for me?

    Create is for you if you know you are called to be in the content creation space! If you battle with limiting beliefs when it comes to creating content BUT you're ready to do the necessary work then this course is for you.

  • Is Create Masterclass refundable?

    Due to the nature of this course being digital there will be no refunds for this product. Once you purchase you agree to these terms.

  • Is it a guarantee that I will see my audience grow after purchasing this course?

    I will teach you all of the principles and lessons I learned to grow my following from 1700 followers to 50,000 in just 1 year. Now, I'm currently sitting at 80,000 followers. It will then be up to you to create effective content and consistently put the work in to attract your tribe.

  • How long will I have access to Create Masterclass?

    You will have access for 1 year! So make sure that you soak up all of the materials and take as many notes as you can.